Jon Storm
Storm Warning


Gambling on odysseys
And wealth and pauper's grey
Hearkening the drums of morning
Calling us away
"For your life, for your children's sake,
"The glory in a name"

Take your bayonet
Take your sword
Your just reward.

Adventuring on silver dreams
To lands across the sea
Listening to lying princes :
"Come and follow me
"For your dreams, for your wanderlust
"For talk of distant days"

It's not such a trifle
And don't forget to take your rifle

Fighting hearts of working men
Go out to take the fray
Fighting, lying, bleeding, dying
Fodder for the day
For your life
For your children's sake
The glory in a name.

Follow the leader

Try to think of all the things
You ever see inside your tiny head
But don't look up, you'll see the strings
And maybe even feel the pulling thread

Someone's got to tell the story
On and on till we all know
Life's an ocean
You're a boat on
You can choose where you will go

Running scared and breathing air
Laughing mad and getting there
Trying hard without a care
Giving up, something to share
Looking forward;
Oh by the way
Now and then at the end of the day
What a shame, you might hear me say
But I know a game we can play

Follow the leader, follow the leader
Follow the leader, follow the leader
On and on and on and on, oh
Follow the leader, follow the leader
Follow the leader, follow the leader
On and on and on and on

Cross the oceans, ford the rivers
On and on, and on and on
Trek the passes, march through deserts
On and on and on and on
Up the hillsides, round the coastlines,
Scale the mountains, brave the winds
On and on and on and on
And on and on, and on and on

So tell your master when he beckons
Tell him now, this very second,
I won't be your slave no more
And go.

Your planet turns

Your planet turns, you hear the onset
Of another dawning day
You turn, she greets you with a kiss
You smile and turn your face away.

You whisper "I love you"
And she believes her life's complete
So tell her, betray her,
"What we had was sweet..."

Your planet turns, the evening falls
You know there's nothing more to say
With stars like teardrops in her eyes
You say "I must be on my way".

The man himselfOn the wall

Waking on the half-rays of 
A pilgrim-written dawn
Wondering at signs of fire
And words upon the wall

Crossing Southern latitudes
In burning heat of day
Wondering at land rovers
And mindless things like pay

Call rebellion onto all
The other things you hate
Watch the ripples
Flowing through a gate
Half-remembered from your youth

Watch the platitudes a-falling
Under silken bays
Dream of flawed reality
And hay
And all those summer lovelies

As the neighbours fertilise
The land you have forgot
Drinking of the golden ale
And dreaming what is not

Upon your head the silvered crown
Of fallen lifetimes near
Look ye here
To the end of the story.

Fortune's get

Does Fortune smile
On Arthur's get?
You left your people
Wondering yet.
Where did you go?
Are you still here?
A legend vanished
Into air

The time has come for you to summon Merlin
We need the ancient wisdom of the Mage
Let his magic summon forth the dragon
That burned the age of chivalry away

'Tis said that Merlin
Has decreed
You'll meet our hour of
Greatest need.
We lost the Grail
Some years ago
We all pretend that
We don't know

That somewhere in Valhalla weeps a legend
A king upon a shield of burnished lies
Who cries for all the lessons we've forgotten
But all who follow chivalry must die.

So put Excalibur away
For force of arms is not our way.
Oh leave your armour
At the door
We're not your children
Any more

But Arthur
We still need Merlin
We need the wizard's magic with us now
Oh Arthur
Summon Merlin
We need to find the future he foretold
We need to find the future he foretold
Oh Arthur
Summon Merlin
Oh Arthur
Call the mage
Oh Arthur
Summon Merlin
Oh Arthur
Call the mage.

The jester

My house stands upon a windswept moor
Nothing ever happens
Never - through all recorded time
Nothing  ever happens

So why is the stream running red?
Why are there so many dead?
Why did they have to fight here?
Nothing ever happens here

I who have never seen anything at all
Stood on a hill near my home
Watched how the armies came together
Saw how the day was lost and won

In battle clash the demons gnash
You hide yourself away
It isn't like the legends I was taught
Sing to me of glory
And I'll sing to you of pain
And screaming heroes
Dying in the dust

And when I tried to ask the question
Why here?
They looked at me like it was my fault
Wouldn't even tell me who they are

So where is the smile on my face?
I have committed no disgrace
Though the jester is my name
I will never laugh again.


Princess Ariadne
Wound her ball of thread
So that her dark lover
Could be laid out
Cold and dead.
Kings & priests & princes
Ordered a decree
That the lord of darkness
Always should
Prisoned be.

But the gentle Minotaur
Pushes his dark curly head
Up through the earth
With flowers in his horns
For lovers.

Princess Ariadne
Sailed the foreign sea
Fleeing with her hero
From the dark mystery.

From the taint of magic
Turning to the sun
Trusting in the reason
Of the bright betraying one.

And the gentle Minotaur
Dark god of forever time
Knows what she will lose
And weeps
For lovers.

Sounds of life

Listen to the sounds of life
Gently ticking from your veins
That's a clock that never stops
Listen to it beat.

Beyond the edge of time and space
Where no man goes who dare not dream
Beyond the clatter and the race
Is a dream of wings

And if you dare
You could be there
With a blink of your eye
With a flick -
Of your hair.

There's a bandage round your head
You don't even know it's there
You can't see anything at all
It's all illusion.

Beyond I must, beyond I should
Beyond I may, beyond I would
Beyond where prophets twist the sky...

And if you dare
You could be there
With a blink of your eye
With a flick -
Of your hair.
All the lyrics published here are COPYRIGHT © 2000, 2015 Jon Storm. All rights reserved.

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