Jon Storm

Jon singsJon Storm has been playing and writing music since his teens, and has worked with a number of bands, playing bass or guitar and singing. He was a founder member of Temple Zone in the eighties, a rock band based around the classic concept that if you can't be tight, at least be loud. He also played bass with Kent-based Fnarr Fnarr, and occasionally guested with South London thrash band House of Darkness. He worked with Colin Wilson of the Pyramids of SNAFU and Jenny Lesle in the short-lived but much-acclaimed Foundation .

In the early nineties he was a founder member of legendary alternative rock band ANOMIE, only dropping out when deteriorating health made it increasingly difficult to play live.

Undaunted by ongoing poor health, Jon put his computer and music skills together and built a studio where he can play and record lying down, mostly playing synthesizers. It's amazing what you can do lying down. Recently he has mostly been working on science fiction concept album First Contact with ANOMIE and Temple Zone veteran Stuart Barton, who also plays drums with space funk trio Soul Thief.



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Last update : 29 January 2015.