The Players

Apart from Jon Storm himself, some extremely talented artists helped out on Storm Warning. It wouldn't have been the same album without them. So, please put your hands together for...

Jenny LesleJenny Lesle was born and brought up in the beautiful rural countryside of west Wales. Like most Welsh people she is naturally musical, and her mother taught her to sing when she was still barely a toddler. She has sung Welsh folk music at eisteddfodau, and a wide range of music in traditional and modern choirs, from classical choral pieces such as Handel's Messiah, through traditional hymns to all sorts of modern pieces. The mainstay of her life is her strong Christian faith. She is a leading member of the choir at the world-famous All Souls Langham Place, in London.

Jenny and Jon Storm were married in 1992, and their first musical project was Foundation, together with Colin Wilson, playing mostly melodic rock ballads and frankly looking for any excuse to showcase Jenny's wonderful voice (Jon and Col know a good thing when they hear it!).

Despite Jenny's hectic schedule, Jon managed to lure her in front of a microphone long enough to make a huge contribution to Storm Warning, including harmonising beautifully with herself on Ariadne.

Colin WilsonColin Wilson first met Jon Storm at university, and they have been making and writing music together for, ooh, an unreasonably long period of time ever since. Their first band was Temple Zone, together with Stuart Barton and Hill Campbell, a loud and raucous rock band which cheerfully deafened anyone who cared to listen at all sorts of venues in and around London. Reactions varied from multiple encores and dancing all night to a half-brick lobbed through a window!

Like Jon, guitar-hero Colin was a founder member of ANOMIE, and he is still actively playing, writing and touring with his own band, The Pyramids of SNAFU. He also ran the innovative and successful Lunar Club in London in the 1990s. Where does he find the time?

Stuart BartonStuart Barton has worked with Jon Storm and Colin Wilson on numerous musical projects starting with Temple Zone, and was the driving force behind the foundation of ANOMIE. He has toured extensively in Europe and America.

Stuart is particularly interested in creating multimedia audiovisual experiences, blending sound, light and anything else that comes to hand. He has produced several cutting-edge videos, and has put on more live shows than most people have had hot dinners, working with 24th Century Productions (of which he is a director), at Glastonbury and countless other music and arts festivals, and even the British Library.

A versatile and multi-talented performer, Stuart plays guitar, bass, synthesizers, all sorts of effects processors, multi-tracked tapes, computers, beer bottles (at least he said they were for music...) - basically anything that might make an interesting noise.

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